International Belly Dance Congress

The who's who of Bellydance Congress
We have some of the very best teachers in the world coming to Congress. And we are particularly thrilled that our headline teacher is the incredible Fifi Abdou!

Just click on the teacher’s name below to be taken through to their biography and links. And join in on the fan forum section of our forum to chat about your favourite teachers!

Please note, the teachers list and timetable may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. We will publicise any such changes, should they happen, as soon as possible.

Fifi Abdou (Egypt)
One of the greatest icons of bellydance, a true legend!
Randa Kamel (Egypt)
Dynamic and exciting star of Egypt!
Leyla Jouvana and Roland (Germany)
The “Shimmy Queen” and her tabla playing husband.
Sadie (US)
One of today’s most exciting and unique bellydance artists
Sahira (US)
Creator of Urban Gypsy Tribal and many instructional DVDs
Yasmina of Cairo (UK/Egypt)
The beautiful “English Rose of Cairo”
Much loved teacher of Modern Cairo style
Eman Zaki (Egypt)
World famous costumier, previously a dancer.
Ozgen (Turkey/UK)
Exciting and popular Turkish dancer and teacher
Anasma (US)
Fascinating experimental fusion dancer and Bellyqueen
Razia (US)
Award-winning and popular dancer, soon to be UK based
Les Soeurs Tribales (Italy)
Italian group mixing tribal and contemporary dance
Paola Ziliotto Boudress (Italy)
Italian dancer/teacher with fascinating breadth of knowledge
Artemisia (Belgium)
Upcoming European star performer and teacher
Raphaelle (France)
French teacher of Egyptian, American and fusion dance styles
Adam Warne (UK)
Multi-percussionist of the drums and rhythms of Egypt
Anne Kingston (UK)
Popular Northern-based teacher of Modern Cairo style
Beatrice Curtis (UK)
Experienced teacher and dancer, the “Queen of Raks Sassy”!
Caroline Afifi (UK)
Popular teacher, founder of Liverpool Arab Arts Festival
Charlotte Desorgher (UK)
Award-winning dancer, teacher and founder of hipsinc
Christine Emery aka Her Royal Hellness Lucretia (UK)
The queen of Zombie Bellydance and all things macabre
Dawn O'Brien (UK)
HIghly innovative UK tribal fusion star
Fereshteh Hosseini (UK)
Scottish/Persian dancer, winner of Stockholm Competition.
Gayle Buckley (Varisha) (UK)
Bellydancer and makeup artist with a mission!
Guy Shalom (UK)
Multi-percussionist, dancer and World Music specialist
Gwen Booth (UK)
The UK’s queen of bellydance props!
Harriet Gervasio (UK)
UK belly/burley dancer and teacher
Josephine Wise (UK)
Leading light of UK bellydance, founder of Congress
Kay Taylor (UK)
Leading UK dancer, teacher and founder of Farida Dance
Nawarra (Morocco/UK)
Charismatic teacher and choreographer of Moroccan dance
Raheesha (US/UK)
US-born teacher and organiser of Majma dance festival
the best bellydance event in the world!