International Belly Dance Congress

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To see and buy photos follow this link: See photos.

Our official photographer, Marie-Louise Avery, took around 5000 photographs at Congress! And they are absolutely fabulous! They have been put up onto a special website and you can buy and download pictures of all your favourite stars (and yourself if you are up there!)

We have photographs of all the performers, of the workshops, the souks, and of course loads and loads of Fifi Abdou! We apologise that it wasn't possible to photograph everything because there was so much happening at once. In particular we don't have photographs of many of the competition performances because there was a clash with a Fifi press conference.

Photographs are available for purchase FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY! This includes your own personal publicity if you are the subject of the photograph.

To see and buy photos follow this link: See photos.
You can buy the pictures straight from the site. The site is American as it is the only one which gives the option of downloading jpgs rather than having to order prints so the prices are quoted in dollars, but of course you can buy wherever you are in the world! The images are priced very competitively (starting at $1.50 for a download) and you pay via credit card at a secure checkout as usual.

How to use the photo website
First, go into the gallery you want to view. If you click on a photo you will see it come up large on the right hand side.

Look for the “Buy” button above the big picture, on the right. When you click on this you have the option to choose “This Photo” or '“Photos in this Gallery”. We suggest that you choose “This Photo” as the options are slightly easier.

You can now choose “Prints” “Merchandise” or “Downloads” from the tabs. Prints can be ordered in a variety of sizes, merchandise includes T shirts, mugs and so on, but most people will probably want jpgs as downloads.

Digital iamges (jpgs) for download
Click on the tab saying “Downloads”. The download images come with a licence for personal use — this includes use for websites, emails, brochures and so on. It does NOT inlcude commercial use. If you wish to use the images for commercial use, other than your own personal publicity if you are the subject of the photograph, please email marielou(at) for necessary permissions.

The smallest download size is fine for websites, the 4mb size will print up to about postcard size, and the biggest size will print up to A3 (11.7 x 16.5 in). You select the size you want by clicking on the plus sign in the quantity box.

When you have completed your order you click on “Checkout” where you can adjust any print cropping or quantities. Then either click “Continue Browsing Photos” or go to the Checkout to pay and complete your order.

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