International Belly Dance Congress

Survival Guide to Congress

Here is the definitive guide to the Congress experience: explaining what to expect, what to bring and how to get the most out of the biggest bellydance event in Europe.

The Resort
A congress brochure featuring a map of the site and useful information will be available at registration. There are several different spaces for workshops, shows haflas within the site but everything is within easy walking distance. We are hoping to run a mini bus between offsite hotels and the Lakeside complex if there is enough demand.

There is a self-service restaurant in the theatre and bazaar area plus restaurants in the two onsite hotels. There is also an Indian restaurant on a boat on the lake. We promise you won’t go hungry! The village of Frimley Green is a 20 minute walk away and has a number of shops and pubs.

Other Facilities
Frimley Green has Lloyds TSB, HSBC, NatWest and Alliance and Leicester banks, a post office and a Waitrose Supermarket, all in the High Street. For more information on Frimley go to

Workshops & Seminars
There is no need to book a workshop in advance. You may attend as many workshops as you can physically manage, but make sure you leave yourself with enough energy to dance after the show! It’s probably best to do no more than three workshops or seminars each day. The limits on numbers in the workshops will depend on how many people each room can hold, so please arrive in good time for them.

Arriving and leaving
The event runs from Friday lunchtime until Sunday night. Registration starts at 12 noon on Friday. The weekend includes a show on Sunday night so if necessary make sure you book Monday off work to stay for the full weekend!

What to Bring
 A pair of dance shoes — floors vary in different rooms and some are carpeted. Good shoes will protect your feet.

A non-jangly hip belt. Some workshops will be big and if everyone wears their noisiest hipscarf we will all go deaf! Of course other workshops will be a lot smaller, but please have pity on the ears of the teachers.

A veil and/or stick if you think you may wish to take a class in either. Likewise finger cymbals if you want to take a sagat class. All these items will be on sale in the souk if you don't have them.

Top Tips
DON’T take off your wristband. They are designed to survive the shower and sweating for hours on the dancefloor, if your wristband comes off you must go to the Congress information desk. You will be charged a fee for a replacement.

Turn up a little early for the shows if you want a good seat.

Give us your feedback. There will be feedback forms available and even if you don’t get a chance to fill one out, emailing us at after the event will make sure your views are heard. Whether you really enjoyed something or have some constructive criticism to offer, feedback is valuable and helps to ensure that the next Congress is even better!

Be realistic about your own dancing level when deciding on which workshops to attend. It’s fine to stretch yourself a bit, but the teachers will not slow a workshop down to accommodate students who cannot keep up.

 Survival guide