International Belly Dance Congress

The team - Sophie Wise

Sophie Wise, aka little sister (but not so little any more!) has come from a background working in family law.

Sophie bellydanced for a couple of years before finding a passion for Arabic drumming and rhythms. Originally taught by Chas Whitaker in Bristol, she joined a band called No Grate Sheikhs with a group of like-minded friends and they have performed at many Haflas and festivals. Although enjoying traditional Arabic rhythms and music, she has also developed a soft spot for Rai and fusion music.

Sophie joined Josephine’s team in 2007, organising the Fantasia Festival in London and running the first International Bellydance Congress Crew. She enjoyed it so much she gave up law and now works full-time on the Bellydance Congress and the Fantasia Festival, also finding the time to run the JWAAD office and generally prevent Josephine’s life from getting out of control. She has not yet found a way of preventing Josephine from coming up with new ideas and projects, and is seriously considering sending in the men in white coats!

 The team