International Belly Dance Congress

The team - Josephine Wise

Josephine has been dancing since 1976. She originally trained in contemporary dance, but having discovered bellydance in 1981 she quickly transferred her affections. Since then she has studied in Egypt, the UK and Europe and has passed on to her students all the knowledge she has gleaned and the style she has developed.

For many years Josephine has been one of the world’s top exponents of Egyptian Dance, and her style is known for its authenticity and deep expression. As a teacher she is in demand around the world for her high technical standards and her knowledge of the interpretation of Egyptian music.

Josephine has danced extensively throughout the UK, Europe, Egypt and the Middle East, including regular functions for the Royal families of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and many years dancing in Arab nightclubs and at high society weddings. She has also gone back to her theatrical roots by touring the UK with her dance company ‘Masriat’, and has choreographed commissioned works for the theatre and opera in England and France.

Since 1990 she has been Managing Director of JWAAD and has run over 15 Summer Residential Courses. She runs the famous Fantasia Festival in London, which has been until now the UK’s largest bellydance event, and the JWAAD Teacher Training Diploma Course, which develops the teaching skills of dancers and has produced many of the best teachers in the UK and now in other parts of Europe.

At present Josephine is developing her new dance company ‘Johara’ and, of course, the Congress. She is dedicated to improving the standard and raising the profile of bellydance in the West, and is determined to have a good time while she does it.
 The team